Slovakia Takes Over a Divided V4 after Hungary’s Troubled Presidency

The four countries of the bloc - Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia - have never developed a common foreign policy in the 31 years of the existence of the bloc, which emerged in 1991 to help facilitate the region's accession to NATO and the EU. Instead, especially at the EU level, they have tried to coordinate their positions on various EU-related matters.

The Two Faces of Slovakia’s Prime Minister: One For Home, One For the World

Since then, he has strived to make amends. In early April, he joined the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on her trip to Ukraine's capital and announced that Slovakia would hand over its Soviet-era air defence system to the country.

Slovakia donated its S-300 to Ukraine

Slovakia has already donated its S-300 anti-missile systems to Ukraine, Prime Minister Eduard Heger has announced. This comes weeks after US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visited Sofia and Bratislava in an attempt to persuade Bulgaria and Slovakia to hand over their complexes to Ukraine to protect its skies from Russia.