It's confirmed: "We are stopping arms deliveries to Ukraine"

This was announced today by the Slovak Ministry of Defense.
"Slovak Defense Minister Robert Kalik met in Brussels with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and on that occasion informed him about the end of military aid to Ukraine from the warehouse of the Slovak Armed Forces," announced the Slovak Ministry of Defense, reports TASS.

Democracy Digest: Slovakia Processes Shock Acquittal Again of Kocner in Kuciak Murder

Meanwhile, two off-duty US soldiers stationed in central Slovakia caused an incident in a grocery store last weekend, which needless to say is being exploited by pro-Russian elements in the country. Though nobody was hurt and the two soldiers did not damage anything, they were loud and under the influence of alcohol.

Democracy Digest: Slovak President Threatens to Sue Fico as Political Tensions Rise

Meanwhile, President Caputova, the most trusted Slovak politician, does not often talk about how often she and her daughters receive various threats, including death threats. Yet earlier this week, she posted on social media that she is prepared to take legal action against Smer leader and former PM Robert Fico.

This Week in Central Europe / 10 March 2023

In other news, the new Czech president finds a note in Prague Castle saying 'I'm afraid there is no booze left'; the Polish media's responsibility in the suicide of a youth comes under the spotlight; a Hungarian parliamentary delegation visits Sweden and Finland to demand "more respect" before the country accedes to their NATO accession; and Slovakia's caretaker prime minister, Eduard Heger, fo