Slovakia's reaction to the 2008 Kosovo declaration of independence

President says he was "very hurt" by some Kosovo remarks

"Its not at all simple. There is still a lot of hatred but we need to overcome it and try to find a compromise," Vucic said, and continued:

"If you ask me whether I am optimistic, I am not. But we're still going to invest large amounts of effort to reach a compromise. I cannot guarantee that the other side will do the same."

After Spain - Slovakia reacts over "state" of Kosovo

Previously, Spain pushed back against its top officials attending the gathering and lending their names to the summit's documents as equals to Pristina's representatives.

On Thursday, Tanjug reported Bratislava's stance, citing State Secretary in the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Ivan Korcok, who spoke for Belgrade-based daily Vecernje Novosti.

Russia to lodge UN demarche over Kosovo incidents - daily

Daily Vecernje Novosti is reporting this, adding that Russian diplomats have been instructed to point out to the failures of KFOR and EULEX - the NATO and EU missions in Kosovo - as well as to the violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 - all with the aim of "reinforcing Belgrade's position."

Slovenian president responds to criticism from Belgrade

It concerns Pahor's statement that Slovenia would work to ensure Kosovo is recognized by the five EU member-states "that have not yet done so."

In a press release cited by the agency STA, Pahor stressed that Kosovo is one of the main political issues on which Slovenia and Serbia hold "distinctly different views."

Serbia urges EU, UN to let Belgrade join probe into Oliver Ivanovic's murder

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic has called on the missions of the EU and UN in Kosovo to let Serbian state agencies to join the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the leader of Freedom, Democracy and Truth party in northern Kosovo and Metohija.