Slovakia's reaction to the 2008 Kosovo declaration of independence

Mustafa Calls Serbia's Role in Kosovo 'Destructive'

The ethnic Serbian party in Kosovo's coalition government, Srpska Lista, on Wednesday stated that following a request from Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, it would again freeze its participation in Kosovo institutions.

The party also said that Mirjana Jevtic, who last week replaced Ljubomir Maric as Minister for Local Government, will resign from her post.

Kosovo Hails CoE Observer Status as Diplomatic Win

Kosovo officials have hailed Tuesday's decision of the Council of Europe to admit Kosovo from January 2017 onwards to sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly, PACE, as a diplomatic triumph and a step towards full membership of the organization.

From January, Kosovo representatives will be taking part in sessions dealing with  EU-Kosovo relations as observers and with no right to vote.

OSCE Likely to Help Kosovo Serbs Vote in Serbian Poll

The OSCE mission in Kosovo said it is prepared to facilitate the process of enabling ethnic Serbs in Kosovo to vote in the Serbian general elections as soon as Belgrade and Pristina agree on the details."There is an expectation for the OSCE to carry out a process in Kosovo that would enable eligible voters to exercise their right in the context of Serbian parliamentary elections of 24 April," O

Serbian President Slammed for 'Civil War' Comment

Nikolic's comment, sparked by alleged new demands placed on Serbia by the EU over Kosovo, was inflammatory and "very harmful" for Serbian society, said Aleksandar Popov, from Centre for Regionalism NGO.

"Those words were too strong and it was very irresponsible to make such statements especially when you hold the position of president," Popov said.