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SMC council not backing Erjavec, open for dialogue amid “SDS provocations”

Ljubljana – The Modern Centre Party (SMC) council decided late on Wednesday not to endorse Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS) leader Karl Erjavec as candidate for prime minister-designate. The SMC remains open for dialogue and cooperation with all parliamentary parties “in light of constant one-sided provocations” by the ruling Democrats (SDS), the party said.

MPs decide stimulus package cannot be challenged in referendum

Ljubljana – The National Assembly decided in a 50:16 vote on Wednesday that the latest corona crisis stimulus package, passed late last night, cannot be put to a referendum. The decision means that the law was published in the Official Gazette Wednesday evening and will take effect on Thursday.

SocDems back Erjavec as prime minister-designate candidate

Ljubljana – The opposition Social Democrats (SD) leadership endorsed on Tuesday Karl Erjavec, the leader of the Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS), as a candidate for prime minister-designate. The SD also backed the formation of an alternative government and filing a constructive motion of no confidence in the government.

Talks with SMC on KUL agenda prior to vote of no-confidence in govt

Ljubljana – Karl Erjavec, who is slated for a candidate for prime minister-designate by the informal KUL coalition, said on Monday after meeting KUL representatives that “it is clear that we also need support by the SMC party if we want a new government”. Talks with the coalition party are thus in store.

Erjavec announces motion of no confidence in govt by year’s end

Ljubljana – After meeting representatives of the informal KUL coalition on Tuesday, Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS) leader Karl Erjavec announced that a motion for a constructive vote of no-confidence in the government would be filed next week or by the end of the year. He expects that the required 46 MP votes will have been secured by then.

DeSUS’s top body confirms party leaving coalition

Ljubljana – The council of the Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS) voted in favour of a proposal by the party’s executive committee that DeSUS leave the current coalition and back party leader Karl Erjavec as a candidate for prime minister-designate.

The decision on the fate of the government ministers who are members of DeSUS is on Prime Minister Janez Janša, Erjavec said.

KUL parties welcome DeSUS decision to leave govt, SMC and NSi call for stability

Ljubljana – The Pensioners’ Party’s (DeSUS) decision to leave the government was welcomed by the four centre-left parties from the informal Constitutional Arch Coalition (KUL). The Modern Centre Party (SMC), which KUL would also like to leave the government, and the coalition New Slovenia (NSi) said the health crisis is no time to topple the government.

DeSUS leadership to discuss whether or not to leave coalition

Ljubljana – The top bodies of the Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS) will meet on Thursday to discuss whether or not the party should leave the coalition, party leader Karl Erjavec said on Tuesday, noting that there was pressure from the rank-and-file, dissatisfied with the government’s work.

DeSUS remains in coalition, will examine cooperation with SMC MPs

Ljubljana – The Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS) remains in the government coalition but will examine the possibility of closer cooperation with the coalition Modern Centre Party’s (SMC) deputy group, DeSUS deputy group leader Franc Jurša said after Thursday’s meeting between MPs and new party leader Karl Erjavec.