Slovenia ageing rapidly

A Eurostat projection indicates that the age structure of Slovenia's population will change significantly in the coming decades as population ageing accelerates. In 2100, the elderly are expected to account for a third of the country's population, which is forecast to decline by some 7% in the next eight decades.

Park in Kranj celebrates Slovenian anthem

A park dedicated to the Slovenian anthem was inaugurated in Kranj on 1 June to celebrate both the national anthem and its precursor as well the authors of the lyrics France Prešeren and Simon Jenko.

Celebrating friendship among nations, Zdravljica (A Toast) was adopted as Slovenia's national anthem in 1989, less than two years before the country gained independence.

Patti Smith to perform on Slovenian-Italian border

Patti Smith, a celebrated punk poet, singer and artist, will perform on the border between Slovenia and Italy in October in a prelude to the 2025 European Capital of Culture hosted by Nova Gorica and Gorizia.

The 5 October concert will be held at a new venue in place of a former border crossing known as Rožna Dolina (Valley of Roses) in Slovenian or Casa Rossa in Italian.

Imperial censorship revealed

An exhibition at the National and University Library (NUK) in Ljubljana sheds light to one of the most fascinating historic periods in terms of censorship. Slovenians and Imperial Censorship from Joseph II to the First World War is the result of a multi-year research project.