At least three companies interested in copper mines - PM

RTB Bor is a copper mining and smelting complex located in eastern Serbia.

Brnabic, who began the visit to the Majdanpek municipality by visiting Majdanpek Copper Mines, which is part of RTB Bor, pointed out that the deadline for bids expires on August 20, adding that she still cannot say how many companies bought the documentation, the government said on its website.

Worker found dead in copper mine in eastern Serbia

According to the newspaper, the victim was 30-year old A.S.

His lifeless body was found last night at about 23:15 hours CET. According to his colleagues, the worker went to conduct rounds at the plant, but never returned.

An autopsy will show what killed A.S., who was in charge of maintaining conveyor belts at the mine.

Chinese interested in privatizations of large Serbian firms

This is especially true when it comes to large companies like the copper mining and smelting complex RTB Bor, and the agricultural complex PKB, Li told Tanjug.

Asked if China was interested in about 120 state-owned Serbian companies from the privatization portfolio of the Ministry of Economy, he said there was interest in half of those companies.