Media: This man must be replaced

According to "Blic", Trivan rarely appeared in public during his term in office, and now that citizens are suffocating in the polluted air, instead of taking urgent action, he blames it on other actors.
In the article entitled "Trivan must be replaced," the paper says he must bear responsibility for the pollution.

Bosnian Capital Chokes “In Own Category” of Air Pollution

The Swedish embassy to Bosnia, a long-time advocate of tougher air pollution action in the country, tweeted that Sarajevo was "in a category of its own" as the air pollution levels on Saturday were so high that categorizing the health hazard level made no sense. It called for urgent action.

Many Schools throughout Iran are Closed because of the Dirty Air

Iranian authorities have ordered  several schools in in Tehran and several other cities in the country to be closed today because of the dangerous air pollution, health reports stated.

Tehran lay under a thick cloud of smog considered hazardous to health for several days now. Yesterday, the cloud could be seen from the valleys more than 20 kilometers north of the city.

AirBG Platform: Nitrogen Dioxide Levels in Sofia Are 2 Times Above the Norm

The levels of nitrogen dioxide in Sofia are twice higher than the norm. The data was exported from the AirBG platform. According to them, the main reason is car traffic. The most polluted places are the busy intersections like the one at Eagle Bridge. Statistics show that 75,000 people die in Europe each year due to nitrogen dioxide.

Amazon Rainforest Fire: Extensive Toxic Cloud in the Southern Hemisphere

A huge toxic carbon monoxide cloud is floating south of the equator, according to NASA data interpreted by extreme weather portal Severe Weather Europe. The poison has spread mainly over Central South America, but currents extend it all the way to the west coast of Mexico and the southernmost parts of Africa, Nikolay Vasilkovski wrote for NOVA TV.

Public Transport in Prague will be Free of Charge in the Days of Intense Smog

When the air in Prague is too polluted, public transport in the Czech capital will be free of charge in the future, DPA reported.

The Dirty Air Scheme will allow anyone, including tourists, to benefit from free travel, a city administration spokesman said.

Blagoevgrad has the most Polluted Air in the past 4 Days

There is air pollution in several cities of the country again, according to data of the European Environment Agency's "Air Quality" indicator. The most polluted is the air in the city of Blagoevgrad, South-West of Bulgari. For the past 24 hours over, the average daily levels of air pollutant concentrations exceed the norms 3 times, reports BNT.