Over 1000 Tons of Poor Quality Fuel Withdrawn from the Market for a Year

More than 1,000 tons of poor fuel have been withdrawn from the market this year after inspections by the State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance. The imposed sanctions amount to over BGN 1 mln, bTV announced.

4.4% of the verified fuel during the year had quality deviations. More than 1,500 samples were collected in one third of the country's gas stations.

Large Cities in Bulgaria in the Grip of Dirty Air

Big cities in Bulgaria remain in the grip of the dirty air in the next few days, NOVA said.

Lack of wind and the keeping of cold air low above the ground are the reason why we will breathe poisons. According to the European Commission's "Air Quality Index" this morning, the fine particulate matter (PM10) concentration is above the norm in almost every major city.

For 1 Year, Air Pollution Has Led to the Premature Death of Over 14,000 Bulgarians

Air pollution with fine particles has led in 2015 to the premature death of 14,200 people in Bulgaria. This was shown by a study of the European Environment Agency covering 41 European countries. It is an updated version of the report covering the period 2000-2016.

Checks find air quality in burned areas near normal

Tests carried out by the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) to measure air quality in the parts of east Attica hit by deadly wildfires last July were reassuring, with only one of the six pollutants gauged showing higher readings.

The results of the checks, conducted in Mati and Rafina, were presented Tuesday by the Region of Attica.

India Tests "Anti-smog Cannon"

India has unveiled a new weapon to combat air pollution - an "anti-smog cannon" that authorities hope to clear the air over New Delhi, AFP informs.

But environmentalists believe that this is a temporary solution as it will not solve the real cause of the air problem.