Smoking cessation

About 1 300 000 Pieces of Smuggled Cigarettes Were Seized in July by the Customs Officers of the MP Kapitan Andreevo

In July, customs officers from the Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation and the Southern Maritime Territorial Directorate detained 1,280,000 pieces / 64,000 boxes / duty-free cigarettes, 102 kg of smoking tobacco and 51 kg of hookah tobacco.

Rise In Price Of Cigarettes

Some cigarettes in Bulgaria already have new, higher prices. A reference in the public tobacco price register shows that many cigarettes brands are more expensive with 20 cents per box. Тhe appreciation is due to the pricing policy of the companies, not the changes in the excise duty. 

Illegal Tobacco Trade in Bulgaria For the Last Quarter of 2018 Will be Announced Today

A traditional study is carried out by collecting and analyzing empty cigarette packs in major cities in the country.

Data for the third quarter of last year show that the share of illegal cigarette consumption is just over 5%, reported the Bulgarian National Television. 

Then most cigarettes without banderol were found in Pernik, Vidin and Haskovo.

Electronic cigarettes seen behind drop in tobacco smokers, study shows

Electronic cigarettes have played a significant role in the reduction of tobacco smokers in Greece, according to the results of a study commissioned by the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, the National School of Public Health and the universities of Patra and Macedonia.

Port officials intercept large cache of smuggled cigarettes in Patra

A 36-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday after port authorities in Patra found more than 1.8 million illicit cigarettes stashed inside a purposely-built cache of his truck.

According to the coast guard, port authority teams searching vehicles for drugs discovered packs of cigarettes hidden inside large metallic cylinders that were attached on nine large pallets.

Tax takes toll on vaping market

The growth in sales of electronic cigarettes in Greece has been curbed by the imposition of a tax on vapor products that comes to 0.10 euros per milliliter.

According to data compiled by leading Greek e-cigarette company Nobacco, the tax imposed on January 1, 2017 put a brake on the growth of the local market and pushed consumers toward contraband goods.