Families escape from Turkey, but at what cost?

What turned out to be a fateful journey began on the night of Thursday, September 26. Four families of nine adults and as many children scrambled over a belt of rocks in a remote spot on the Turkish coast to board a small speedboat. Believing it to be safer than the customary rubber dinghy, they had paid significantly extra for this boat.

Vehicle crammed with migrants crashes near Thessaloniki, 3 dead

Greek police say three people have been killed in northern Greece and another 12 were injured when a vehicle crammed with migrants crashed into an oncoming car and fell off a cliff.

The collision took place late Wednesday near the village of Areti, some 40 kilometers northeast of Thessaloniki.

Billion Dollar Business: Illegal Puppies Trade from Eastern Europe

In our minds, smuggling is mainly related to the illicit transfer of drugs or alcohol. In recent years, however, there has been a boom in another business - the illegal puppies trade.

The illegal puppies trade brings huge profits. In Europe, dogs can only be exported after they are 15 weeks old and have all the required vaccinations. However, this does not stop greedy breeders.