The Weather Today in Bulgaria - June 7th

Today the clouds will be significant. In many places there will be short-term and in the afternoon temporarily intense rainfall accompanied by thunder. There will be almost no precipitation over the eastern regions of the country. The wind will be light, mostly from east-southeast. Maximum temperatures will be between 23 ° and 28 °.

The Weather Today - May 31st

Today the clouds will be significant. In many places there will be short-term precipitation, in the afternoon in some areas - intense and accompanied by thunder. It will remain almost without precipitation in the Danube plain. The wind will be light to moderate from the west. The maximum temperatures will be between 18 ° and 23 °, in Sofia - around 18 °.

Weather in Bulgaria Today - May 30th

Today it will be mostly cloudy and there will be almost no precipitation. Around and in the afternoon, cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds will develop again. In some places there will be short-term precipitation which will be intense in some areas of Southwestern Bulgaria. A light to moderate northwest wind will blow.

Rain is Expected in the Afternoon - Maximum Temperaturеs Will Reach 21°

Cloudy weather will prevail today. By noon, mainly in the mountainous areas, and in the afternoon in many places in the country there will be rain, in some places with thunder. A light to moderate wind, will blow mostly from the north. It remains cool, with maximum temperatures between 16° and 21°, according to the NIMH forecast.

Bulgaria: Cool With Maximum Temperatures Between 16° and 21°

Today, before noon, clouds will develop again and in many places there will be short-term precipitation with thunder, especially in the afternoon and before midnight. There will be conditions for hail. A light north-northwest wind will blow. It will be cool with maximum temperatures between 16 ° and 21 °, in Sofia around 16 °.

Code Yellow Warning for Hazardous Weather in 4 Bulgarian Regions

A Code Yellow warning for heavy snow has been issued for two Bulgarian regions, another two have been warned of heavy rain, the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) said on its website.
The warning of rain is in place for the regions of Yambol and Haskovo. Significant rainfall is expected in these areas, in places above 20 l/sq. m.

Strong Wind, Heavy Snow Causes Power Outages in Six Villages in Lom Region

Six villages in the municipality of Lom in Northern Bulgaria woke up with power outages due to strong wind on March 24.Electricity supply was restored early in the afternoon.

All roads are cleared from the snow and sanded. They are passable in winter conditions. Snow drifts in the region of Lom have been cleaned, the head of the District Road Management, Ilya Iliev said.

NIMH: Snow in Most Parts of the Country

Today, snow is expected in most of the country, significant quantities in western areas. It will rain in the Upper Thracian Plain and along the Black Sea. In most of the country, moderate to strong winds will shift to the north-northeast. Maximum temperatures between 0C and 5C, in far southeastern areas and along the Black Sea coast -- up to 7-8C.