Social conflict

Bulgaria Charity Warns Domestic Violence Worsening in Pandemic

An already worrying situation with domestic and gender-based violence in Bulgaria has worsened during the state of emergency, according to an NGO working in the field, the Sofia-based Bulgarian Fund for Women.

Eight women have lost their lives after being killed by their partner since the state of emergency was imposed on March 13, the fund said.

Editorial: School violence

Experts say that every society has the level of violence that it merits - neither more nor less.

From that perspective something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

One cannot otherwise explain the almost daily incidents of extreme violence that occur in schools and elsewhere nor the indifference with which they are often met.

Sofia Hosts a Regional Conference on the Violence Against Children

Bulgaria's capital Sofia hosts a regional conference on the prevention and elimination violence against children organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, the State Agency for Child Protection, UNICEF, the World Health Organization and non-government organizations.

68% of Bulgarians Think State Should Intervene When Children Are at Risk

Almost two-thirds of Bulgarians believe that the state should intervene when children are at risk and their parents do not take the necessary care. This was announced by Sociologist Radostina Angelova from "Global Metrix".

Angelova pointed out that for the first time there was such a high public interest in public policies, especially those for children. 

The Vocalist of Gravity Co, Yavor Zahariev Passed Away

The singer, who was about to turn 39 on April 22, was found in a helpless state on Wednesday with a broken nose.

Zahariev was placed in Pirogov's emergency care in an extremely severe condition where doctors were fighting for his life.

Unofficially, the police explained that there were no signs of violence and burglary.