Social Democrats

Marta Kos Freedom Movement’s candidate for president

Ljubljana – Marta Kos, vice-president of the Freedom Movement, has officially announced her bid for the presidency of the republic. She will run as her party’s candidate, while the other two coalition parties said following her announcement on Tuesday that they would likely run with candidates of their own.

Poll: Freedom Movement still ahead despite losing support

Ljubljana – The ruling Freedom Movement is staying in the lead, polling at 33% in the June Vox Populi opinion poll commissioned by the newspapers Dnevnik and Večer. For the first time in two years, the work of the government is viewed as successful, although almost half of respondents remain undecided.

Coalition says it is ready to realise its plans

Ljubljana – The new centre-left coalition expects the political situation to de-escalate now that the new parliament has started its work, and the level of the debate to be raised. Coalition deputy groups note the importance of cooperation in tackling challenges and stress they are well prepared and will work together to implement their plans.

Freedom Movement & partners keen to form govt by 3 June

Ljubljana – The Freedom Movement, the party that won the 24 April general election, and its prospective coalition partners, the Social Democrats (SD) and the Left, would like to form a government by 3 June and will set out the distribution of ministerial briefs between them by the end of the week after the first round of official talks on Tuesday.

Golob to informally meet Pahor, coalition talks to start Tuesday

Ljubljana/Koper – Robert Golob, the head of the Freedom Movement party that has convincingly won Sunday’s general election, is expected to meet President Borut Pahor informally on Tuesday as the most likely candidate for the prime minister-designate. Talks with the Social Democrats (SD) and Left on forming a new coalition are also expected tomorrow.

Fajon leaving European Parliament after being elected MP

Ljubljana – Social Democrats (SD) president Tanja Fajon will end her term as member of the European Parliament as she was elected an MP in the Slovenian National Assembly on Sunday. The name of the successor to her MEP seat will depend on the coalition negotiations with the election winner, the Freedom Movement.

SocDems satisfied over attainment of common goal

Ljubljana – Commenting on the general election results, Social Democrats (SD) leader Tanja Fajon said on Sunday her party, which came in fourth, was satisfied over “the attainment of the common goal”, meaning that the new government will no longer be centre-right but centre-left. “People have been hungry for change and we must enable this change now.”

Close election predicted as Slovenia heads to the polls (background)

Ljubljana – Slovenian voters will head to the polls on Sunday in an election that analysts say will determine whether Slovenia continues on the conservative path paved by the Janez Janša government over the last two years, or takes a more leftist turn under newcomer Robert Golob and parties that are currently in opposition. Polls show everything is still open.

Five centre-left parties expect to win election

Ljubljana – The new Freedom Movement party and the four opposition parties associated in the informal KUL coalition are convinced they will win the general election on Sunday and form a stable government. Their leaders said that the five parties operated as a well-coordinated team as they addressed the press on Friday before the election blackout sets in.