Social engineering

Montenegro Sent Back to Analog by Unprecedented Cyber Attacks

"After the ransomware attack last week, Government DNS namespace is blocked so the administration switched to offline mode. According to internal investigation, a cyber-attack happened after a malicious software was uploaded from the computer in one of Government services," a government source told BIRN, speaking on condition of anonymity.

PM Citu urges journalists to be partners in making Romanians responsible, properly informed on vaccination

 Prime Minister Florin Citu is urging journalists, on Press Freedom Day, to continue to be partners in the effort to rightly inform the people and to make Romanians responsible to getting vaccinated in the largest number.

Pentagon warns enemies: Next war?

Austin called for further work on the development of technology and better global military connections in order to "make decisions faster and act faster".
"Our struggle in the next great war will be very different from the previous ones," Austin said at the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii.

Incidents of Social Media Scams Are Snowballing – European Commission

European consumers are increasingly the victims of misleading advertising and social media scams. Through an advertisement, appealing things are offered for an irresistible price. After payment, the order is not delivered, consumers receive products that do not match the advertisement or are stuck with an unwanted subscription.