Social inequality

Nearly 50 Percent of Young Bulgarians Live with Parents

"Nearly 50 percent of young Bulgarians live with their parents, while in Denmark only 4 percent of young people over 18 live with relatives. The situation is worse is in Croatia, where 65 percent of youngsters share dwellings with their parents," commented on BNR Prof. Iskra Dandolova, housing policy analyst, on the occasion of the latest EUROSTAT report on housing issues in Bulgaria.

Rd 86 pct of Romanian citizens believe women and men have equal rights (survey)

Round 86 pct of Romanian citizens believe that women and men have equal rights, according to an opinion barometer conducted in order to measure the public perception of the SDG5 Sustainable Development Goal - Gender Equality. "Nearly three quarters of respondents (73 pct) consider that gender does not matter in working relationships.

Serbia could get a law on same-sex partnership very soon VIDEO

This was announced by the Minister of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, Gordana omi, as a guest on the morning program of TV Prva.
She said on TV Prva that a dialogue on the law on same-sex partnership will be opened in December and that a working group is being formed, and that the two laws could be in the parliamentary procedure before the spring of next year.