Social information processing

Wikipedia Was Hacked

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia has announced that it has become the target of cyberattack, which has halted the site. 

"Wikipedia has been experiencing intermittent outages today as a result of a malicious attack. We're continuing to work on restoring access." the platform announced in a statement.

Facebook Gives all Its Users a Choice whether to Opt Out of the Facial Recognition Option

Facebook extends its facial recognition tools to all users, enabling them to opt out of their use.

The company released the information, stating that it was removing "labeling suggestions" or the so-called tag suggestion. They allowed Facebook to "suggest" another person uploading a photo to tag another user on the system.

Twitter and Facebook Accused China of Campaigning against the Protesters in Hong Kong

Twitter and Facebook have blocked accounts and pages used by Chinese authorities to spread disinformation about the Hong Kong protests, NOVA TV reported. Twitter has suspended over 900 accounts "from within the People's Republic of China (PRC)."

Facebook Celebrates 15 Years

The most popular social network - Facebook, which has 2.3 billion users worldwide - is 15 years old, writes bTV.

On February 4, 2004, the creator of the network Mark Zuckerberg launched it online. Today, the company is part of the everyday life of a quarter of humanity.

It costs $ 500 billion on the stock exchange and buys $ 22 billion in net profit per year.

Facebook Launches Content Review Centre in Bulgaria

The largest global social media network, Facebook, is launching a content review centre in Sofia, Bulgaria, this week.

The news, first announced by Capital weekly, was confirmed to BIRN by the Head of Corporate Communications for Central and Eastern Europe of the company, Jan Ściegienny, on Tuesday.