Social justice

The elections and the good of the country

Politicians and analysts across the ideological spectrum are talking about the possibility of snap elections while focusing on how this would benefit one political party or another. They appear to be ignoring the bigger issue: the management - with speed, efficiency and continuity - of the public health, economic and social challenges that lie ahead.

Shielding employment

We subsidize work, not unemployment. The government has adopted this slogan and it is now time to start acting on it. Most healthy businesses have struggled to select and train their staff.

Labour market depends on economy re-launch, says employment official

Mitja Bobnar, the director general of the national institution, has told the STA in an interview that the labour market had felt the crisis brought by the coronavirus epidemic already in March.

At the end of April, 88,648 persons in Slovenia were registered as unemployed, which is 14% more than in March and 20% more than in April 2019.

Schemes aim to support the labor force

As part of efforts to boost businesses, which have already taken a strong hit from the coronavirus pandemic, while also helping the unemployed, whose numbers are expected to rise amid the new crisis, the government is planning to partially subsidize wages lost by employees whose full-time contracts have been reduced to part-time while introducing a coupon scheme as a cash incentive for employer

Coronavirus Causes Massive Layoffs Across the Balkans

Hundreds of thousands of workers in Balkan countries have lost their jobs due to economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, official statistical data show. And many fear the real numbers of job losses could be considerably higher, as not all countries in the region have compiled comprehensive records.

The Unemployment will Continue to Rise for at Least another 2 Months

The loosening of anti-epidemic measures will not directly affect employment and the unemployment will continue to rise for at least two more months, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce predicts. More significant involvement of people is only expected at the end of the year.