Social law

Pension hikes to come in June

The new bill by the Labor Ministry that was tabled on Monday in Parliament creates a new landscape for pensions and social security contributions. The interventions promoted have led to a strong reaction by many unions, which have decided to call a 24-hour strike for today.

ADEDY set to strike over pension reform

The civil servants' union ADEDY has heralded strike action as soon as a bill with the government's pension reform is tabled in Parliament.
ADEDY's executive committee indicated on Thursday that it would proceed with a 24-hour strike on the day the bill goes to the House, in line with a decision taken during its session last week.

Greek Authorities to Raise Pensions after Years of Cutbacks

A new bill submitted to parliament in January envisages new increase in pensions for pensioners in Greece.

Pension increases will range from 3% to 10% and affect pensioners who have more than 30 years of insurance coverage. The supplementary pensions for the freelancers and farmers will also increase by up to 48%.

Danca: Gov't adopts OUG on fiscal-budget measures

Prime Minister's Chancellery head Ionel Danca said on Monday that the Government adopted the emergency ordinance (OUG) on some fiscal-budget measures, providing locking in the benefits for dignitaries and the suspension of the provisions in the administrative code regarding the special pensions for locally elected until 1 January 2021.

Hundreds of thousands of pensioners are in for raises

The Labor Ministry is set to fully overhaul the country's pension system next month, as the social security reforms it is promoting will increase some 450,000 main and auxiliary pensions. The final number of recipients and the size of the hikes will be determined by the necessary study for the ministry by the National Actuarial Authority.