Social law

PMP leader Tomac: Special pensions - a theft, hopefully they are scrapped

Chairman of the People's Movement Party (PMP) Eugen Tomac said on Wednesday that special pensions are a theft, commenting that it's incredible that someone with 30 years length of service collects a pension of less than 1,000 lei, while politicians who serve two or three terms in Parliament pocket as much as 13,000 lei in pension.

One in 3 pensioners live on less than 500 euros/month

Almost a third of retirees in Greece collect a monthly pension of no more than 500 euros, while the average income from main pensions in August and September 2018 came to 724.18 euros/month, according to data from the Labor Ministry's Helios database.

The same data show that auxiliary pensions averaged at 172.32 euros/month and dividends reached a mean rate of 97.84 euros/month.

Cartel Alfa urges National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue be mustered, to cancel social conflicts

The Cartel Alfa National Trade Union Confederation announced that it has demanded for an emergency mustering of the National Tripartite Council of Social Dialogue as a minimal condition with a view to cancel the open social conflicts that might trigger following the adoption of the OUG (Government Emergency Ordinance, ed.

Bulgarian Pensioners go to National Protest, Outraged and Bitter

Bulgarian pensioners are coming to a second national protest through the National Assembly, because of the indifference of the government to their problems. The protest will be held today, during the discussion of the draft budget for 2019. Before Darik, one of the organizers of the protest, Gen.