Social law

Building a fair pension system

Should people who filed for retirement after mid-May 2016 receive a pension that is 25 to 40 percent lower than that collected by those who retired before that date after working the same number of years and paying the same social security contributions?

Cartel Alfa leader: 65 pct of employees to collect minimum retirement benefit under new pension bill

According to the new pension bill, about 65 percent of the employees will only collect the minimum pension, president of the 'Cartel Alfa' National Trade Union Confederation Bogdan Hossu told a press conference in Zalau on Wednesday.

IMF fears reversal of reforms

The International Monetary Fund on Friday expressed uncertainty over the long-term prospects of Greece's debt, along with concern that some of the reforms might be reversed or not implemented, including the reduction of pensions in 2019 and the tax discount in 2020.