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Facebook-Partnered Croatian Fact-Checkers Face “Huge Amount of Hatred”

"More or less, it is going well, but the problem is that there is that certain number of people you will never reach because they are simply grounded in their own beliefs for a long time, they reject argumented dialogue," Vidov told BIRN in an interview.

So-called 'anti-vaxxers' perceive the debunking of fake news "as a threat to their agenda," he said.

German health ministry campaign gaffe provokes reactions on social media

An online public information campaign by Germany's health ministry which depicts Greece as a child under Turkey's care prompted reactions on social media on Monday. 

A post on Twitter over the weekend about the campaign, which includes information in 16 different languages, includes a graphic depicting Turkey as a mother holding a child, Greece, by the hand.

Intel4Patriam analysis: During social crisis caused by pandemic, misinformation works at full capacity

During the social crisis caused by the pandemic, misinformation works at full capacity, as people are being more sensitive to panic, which causes their critical thinking level to significantly drop, shows an analysis signed by Felix Staicu, co-founder of the educative agency Intel4Patriam.

‘Greece from Home’ initiative seen as ‘brilliant’ response to crisis

Bill Gates has hailed recent initiatives developed to adapt to the "new normal" imposed by the coronavirus crisis, such as teleworking and virtual software innovations, with emotional intelligence consultant Justin Bariso arguing that a platform launched by the Greek National Tourism Organization is one such "brilliant" response to the challenges of the crisis indicated by the US tech mogul.