Socialism in Greece

Greek party leaders to meet for coalition talks, open way for new elections

Greek parties that made it to the parliament after last weekend's inconclusive elections are expected to meet on Wednesday in a last-ditch effort to form a coalition government.

But the process is not expected to succeed as the top three parties have already rejected separate mandates to form a coalition, opening the way for new elections next month.

PASOK emerges as the real big winner

One of the most muted elections since the restoration of democracy ended with a very loud bang on Sunday, with incumbent New Democracy winning a clear mandate for another four-year term (with the second election in June almost certainly being nothing more than a confirmation) and main opposition SYRIZA living up to the saying that if you don't work for a thing, things won't work out for you.

Greece’s leftists to seek second vote instead of coalition government

Greece's leftists will receive an official mandate on Tuesday to form a coalition government after an inconclusive national election, but are expected to seek a second vote instead.

The conservative New Democracy party romped to victory with 40.8% of the vote in Sunday's poll which sent the leftist SYRIZA into a tailspin after taking 20.1% of the vote.