Socialism in Greece

Are we truly staying in Europe?

A recent discussion on institutions and the rule of law sparked controversy among the descendants of the pro-EU movement known as "We're Staying in Europe," which emerged in 2015 when Greece's leftist-led coalition raised concerns about the country's potential exit from the eurozone.

Election favorites must rally voters

On the final stretch to the May 21 election, the two largest parties - ruling conservative New Democracy and leftist opposition SYRIZA - are concerned about the gap between them and the votes of the smaller parties vying to reach the magical 3% threshold that will allow them to be represented in Parliament.

Populist promises won’t bring about a modern education system

Consensus is crucial in certain key sectors for a country to achieve its full potential, and education is undeniably one of the most critical. Without a modern and competitive educational system, progress is limited. However, the education sector is also one where consensus is lacking.

Only clear messages can convince voters

There are very few supporters of Greece's main parties - and not protest parties - who want to play the guessing game when they go to the polls to vote next month. Most people want to know exactly what will emerge from the ballot box on Sunday night: Will it be a single-party government, a coalition, a minority, a national unity government - what?

New Democracy 4.8 points ahead in MRB poll

A new opinion poll of voting intentions gives ruling center-right New Democracy a 4.8-percentage point lead over left-wing SYRIZA.

Asked about their voting preferences for the May 21 election by pollster MRB, 29.7% chose New Democracy, 24.9% SYRIZA, 8.3% socialist PASOK-Movement for Change, 5.1% Communist KKE, 4.6% nationalist Greek Solution and 3.2% left-wing MeRA25.