The Problematic Places of Sofia, which Get Flooded after Heavy Rainfall

Since the beginning of the year, the Metropolitan Inspectorate has cleaned nearly 5,000 of the 33,000 rainwater shafts in Sofia. This was made clear by the words of engineer Nikolai Kyucukov from the office on the occasion of yesterday's difficulties, which the pouring rain created in the city. The most problematic are the low plots, one of which is the newly renovated part of Solunska Street.

Traffic Congestion in Sofia is Worse than those in San Francisco and Sydney

The capitals of three neighbors of Bulgaria are among the ten cities in Europe with the greatest traffic congestion. These are Istanbul, Bucharest and Athens, with the first two cities ranked second and third in 2018, only behind Moscow. The Greek capital is in 7th place, ahead of Rome, Warsaw and Ekaterinburg.

The Results of the First Stage of the Contest For Renovation of "Sveta Nedelya" Square Are Ready

Тhe results of the first stage of the contest for renovation of ''Sveta Nedelya'' square in the capital are ready. Today, participants will be notified of which ones are continuing in the second stage of the competition. The contest is limited, with seven applications submitted to the second stage.

Four People Died in Traffic Collisions for the Past Twenty-Four Hours

Four people have died, and 29 have been injured in car crashes in the country over the past twenty-four hours. This was announced by the Ministry of Interior press center. There are 23 severe road accidents in the country. There are 29 light and two severe catastrophes in Sofia, in which five people have been injured.

Bulgaria is Part of the 8 Countries Where a New Supercomputer will be Installed

The fact that Bulgaria is part of the 8 countries where the new supercomputer will be installed is recognition that the country has specialists, Deputy Director of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) Assoc. Prof. Todor Gyurov told Focus Radio.

UN: There Will Never Be More People Living in Bulgaria

The population of Bulgaria will never be more than the current just under 7 million people, according to the latest UN forecast. In the best scenario at the end of the century, there will be 5.5 million people in the country. But the data on population-accelerated population projections seem to increase the likelihood of worst-case scenario occurrence.

Gaming: An Emergent Sector in Bulgaria


Various different types of gaming are on the rise in Bulgaria in 2019, with the internet helping to fuel the emergence and increasing popularity of various genres. With major developers in various subsections of the gaming market operating from the country, Bulgaria could soon emerge as a chief player in the industry.