Sofia City Province

''Old Paper For New Book'' Campaign In Sofia Today

The national eco campaign ''Old Paper for New Book '' is held for the 5th consecutive year in Bulgaria.

Sofia, Plovdiv, Haskovo, Ruse and Burgas municipalities are hosting this year's initiative. The eco campaign allows children to learn more about recycling, nature protection and separate waste collection.

Sofia Will Held Again the Traveling Exhibition "Alley of the Book"

Between 12 and 17 September in Sofia again will be held the traveling exhibition "Alley of the Book".

The initiative has already passed through Varna and Plovdiv.

The exhibition will stop in the center of Sofia, оn Vitosha Boulevard - from the monument of Aleko Konstantinov to Gladson Str.

More than 50 Bulgarian publishers will participate during the book exhibition.

Protest Against The Construction of a Skyscraper in Sofia

Residents of Sofia's Strelbishte quarter formed a live chain at the junction of Bulgaria and Ivan Geshov's boulevards for about half an hour yesterday evening, reported Standart News. 

They protested the plans of a private construction company to build a skyscraper in the place of a small garden in their neighborhood.

Abandoned Luggage Triggers Bomb Scare in Central Sofia

An alert sent to the emergency hotline 112 left a key junction in the center of Bulgaria's capital Sofia sealed off for nearly an hour on Monday evening.

A controlled detonation was carried out after police cordoned off the junction of Vitosha and General Skobelev Blvds, meters from the National Palace of Culture.

A team of the specalized anti-terror squad was also deployed.