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India Has Donated over 5.5 million Doses of Vaccines to Neighbouring Countries

There is interest in many countries in accessing vaccines from India. In line with the PM's announcement that India sees international cooperation in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic as its duty, India has played the role of the first responder in their neighbourhood as well as undertaken supplies to countries beyond.

#DiplomaticCentennial/ Romania's Ambassador in Islamabad Goia: "Unfortunately, negative aspects regarding Pakistan are exaggerated"

"Unfortunately (...) the negative tints regarding Pakistan are exaggerated, which has the unpleasant consequence of creating some reservations at the level of the Romanian business community in connection with the security of some possible businesses or cooperation projects with Pakistani companies," Ambassador of Romania in Islamabad Niculaie Goia said in an interview with AGERPRES, underscori

Suicide Bomber Kills more than 100 at Pakistan Election Rally

A suicide bomber killed 132 people at an election rally in southwestern Pakistan in the second election-related attack on Friday, officials said, amid growing tensions over ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif's return ahead of the July 25 vote.

The bombing was the most deadly attack in Pakistan in over three years and is the third incident of election-related violence this week.