Chinese Military Points at US in Anger

China back 'raging' to United States of America,  The country strongly condemned US in a statement calling it a security risk in the region.

This happened after a US warship sailed through a sensitive route, the Strait of Taiwan. The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur transits the strait Tuesday (22/6/2021).

Talk of ‘Theocracy’ in Montenegro Merely Reveals Elite Ignorance

"[E]very man became a judge of religion, and an interpreter of the Scripture to himself." If you thought these were the ironic words of a scholar of religion and/or philosophy in the contemporary era of social media and proliferating political narratives, think again.

Possible secession of Texas?

Kyle Biedermann told his supporters that he plans to submit a bill that would enable a referendum on secession, the Ksat portal reported.
Biedermann, who is a Republican, says his proposal is in line with the Constitution, and that Texans have the right to reform or dissolve the government.
Biedermann did not offer more details about the law, which he intends to propose.

NATO jets intercept Russian aircraft over Black Sea

Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish jets, all part of the NATO Air Policing, intercepted a Russian aircraft on May 19, which was flying close to the NATO air space, the Allied Command Operations (ACO) said.

According to a written statement by NATO Allied Air Command on May 21, the Alliance Quick Reacting Alert jets were dispatched to prevent Russia from entering the air space.