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Russian spy: Highly Likely Moscow Behind Attack, Says Theresa May

Former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia, Theresa May has told MPs, according to BBC. 

The PM said it was "highly likely" Russia was responsible for the Salisbury attack.

The Foreign Office summoned Russia's ambassador to provide an explanation.

40% of Families in Russia with a Shortage of Money for Food and Clothing

About 40 percent of Russia's families do not have enough money for food and clothing. This shows the data from a new sociological survey of the Moscow Higher Economic School, Russian media reported, said

One third of the Russians have pointed out in the poll that their money is enough just for food.

The cost of doing nothing is immeasurable

The names and places associated with the atrocities that stain the world's recent history are only too well known: Guernica, Babi Yar, Sharpeville, Treblinka, Hiroshima, Halabja, Rwanda, Srebrenica and, more recently, Aleppo and Yemen, to name but a few. The memories of those who have suffered are as painful as the list is long.

Secret Documents Reveal the Soviet Union Planned a Nuclear Blast on the Moon

The Soviet Union planned to blow up an atomic bomb on the Moon. This is clear from a secret document kept in the Russian State Archive, where journalists from the German TV Channel for historical broadcasting "Em De Er - Traveling in Time" have managed to get.

Russia settles last Soviet debt

More than a quarter of a century after the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia on Aug. 21 announced it had settled the last foreign debt it had inherited from the Soviet era.

In a statement, the finance ministry said the government had paid Bosnia $125.2 million (106.01 million euros), which was due under trade deals between the Soviet Union and another now-defunct state, Yugoslavia.

Turkish man barred from donating blood after US official cites Chernobyl disaster

A Turkish man living in the U.S. state of Florida was disqualified from donating blood after an official cited him as living in Turkey, which shares the Black Sea with Ukraine, at the time of the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, daily Habertürk reported on July 31.