Bulgarian State Freezes Assets of Critical Publisher

The Bulgarian Commission for the Withdrawal of Illegal Assets, CIAF, has frozen the assets of Ivo Prokopiev, one of the founders and owners of Economedia - one of the largest media groups in the country, the publisher of the weekly newspaper Capital and news website, as well as other print and online outlets.

Minister Pastirnac, Spanish officials discuss labour market campaigns in Spain

The Minister for Romanians Abroad, Andreea Pastirnac, and Spanish officials have discussed the development of projects with impact on the Romanian community of Spain, including an information campaigns on the rights and obligations on Spain's labour market.

The Catalonia predicament

The first collateral damage or, more precisely, the first serious casualty - from the Catalonia independence row in terms of how this is being felt in Greece was the affair involving Madrid's ambassador in Athens, Enrique Viguera, who is said to have criticized the stance of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's leftist-led government on the issue (the envoy has denied the allegation).