Special Olympics

Current, former sports champions urge fellow Romanians to stay at home

Former and current Olympic, world and European champions such as Nadia Comaneci, Cristina Neagu, Mihai Covaliu, Gabriela Szabo, Marian Dragulescu, Elizabeta Samara or Ionela Cozmiuc have recently gone public, encouraging Romanians to stay at home and observe the orders of the authorities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Former Olympic champion Comaneci argues GymNadia project should be multiplied hundreds of times nationwide

Former Olympic champion Nadia Comaneci has stated on Thursday that her project called GymNadia, which has been running for over a year now in the gymnasium at the Ion Tiriac Ice Rink in Otopeni should be multiplied hundreds of times in order to draw children toward sport.

Nadia Comaneci encourages children in District 5 of the Capital to practice sport

Former Olympic Champion Nadia Comaneci met on Saturday in the Sebastian Park with the children from  District 5 of the Capital, encouraging them to practice sport during the 2nd edition of the event called "Nadia Sports Experience - Passport for Sport" organized by her foundation.

#AGERPRES130 Nadia Comaneci: May you receive only scores of 10 for your news

Nadia Comaneci, the world's first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.00 at the Olympic Games, wishes AGERPRES on its 130th anniversary since establishment to receive only scores of 10 for the news it publishes. "Many Happy Returns, AGERPRES, at 130 years of existence! I wish you to have many years ahead, to remain objective and to write what happens in Romanian sports.

16 Bulgarians To Participate In Special Olympics

Sixteen Bulgarians, aged 16-37, will participate in the Special Olympics 2014 European Games for people with intellectual disabilities, reports Dnevnik.bg.

They will compete in the disciplines bocce, swimming, athletics, table tennis and badminton.

The games will take place between September 9 and 21 in Belgium's Antwerp.