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Renovated 'Festivalna Hall' Now is Called 'Asics Arena'

The Executive Director of ''Academica 2011'' Boris Todorov and the representative of ''Asics'' Lubo Ganev signed in the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sport Krasen Kralev a sponsorship contract with which the sports club gave its name to the renovated "Festivalna" Hall, which is already called " Asics Arena ", reported bTV.

Twelve American Paratroopers have gone through a Hospital after an Excercice in Romania

On Saturday, 12 US paratroopers were admitted to hospital after minor injuries suffered during a parachute jumping in Romania, the Army Times reported, quoted by Focus.

The hospital said 11 of the soldiers were enrolled on Sunday. From the hospital they added that one of the injured had hurt his spine and would remain for observation for two more days.

Meet the next sport of the modern age: Drone racing

Decked out in high-tech goggles, pilot Steve Zoumas dives low and sees the final gate zooming toward him: a 20-foot-tall metal-framed box ringed with neon. Boom! His sight goes black. The crowd lets out a collective "Whoa!" as pieces of his aircraft, which has just smashed into a concrete barrier, go flying.

Greece isn’t just about bikinis… It’s a kickass skiing destination! (vid)

Greek-American filmmaker (Costas Papanikolaou) C.P. goes on an adventure to make a movie about skiing and snowboarding in the country of Greece.

Here’s a sneak peak of the film… but the director needs your support to help get the film across the finish line.


NASA 'flying saucer' deploys partially on test

NASA launched a giant balloon June 8  carrying a kind of "flying saucer" that will test technologies for landing on Mars, but its outsized parachute only partly deployed.

The aircraft fitted with the largest parachute ever constructed -- after several days of weather-related delays -- was launched from a military base in Hawaii.