Orban’s ‘Neverendums’

Critics counter that the questions are mostly irrelevant, as no school organises sex education for children without the consent of parents and gender reassignment is not legally possible under the age of 18, and even for those older has been made extremely difficult.

Pentagon warns enemies: Next war?

Austin called for further work on the development of technology and better global military connections in order to "make decisions faster and act faster".
"Our struggle in the next great war will be very different from the previous ones," Austin said at the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii.

Serbian Security Service Named Among Users of Israeli Surveillance Software

In research published on Monday, Citizen Lab, an Institute of the University of Toronto that specializes in surveillance issues, listed 25 countries and agencies - including Serbia's Security Information Agency - that use the software of the Israeli company Circles, which enables the user to locate every phone in the country in seconds.

WhatsApp Unveiled a Security Breach

WhatsApp has unveiled a security breach that has allowed attackers to inject commercial Israeli spyware on the phones, writes Financial Times, quoted by BGNES.

The application is used by 1.5 billion people worldwide. It turned out that the tracking software could be installed through a security system hole that worked on both Apple's and Android users.