Committee endorses Left’s amendments to STA act

Ljubljana – The parliamentary Culture Committee voted 10:8 in favour of amendments to the act governing the STA that would require the STA English Service to report on the work of NGO as a legal requirement, amidst warnings that the STA has still not received overdue payment from the government for the performance of public service.

Journalist union expects govt to meet its obligations to STA

Ljubljana – The Trade Union of Journalists expects the government to meet its legal and contractual financial obligations towards the STA. It maintains that the government and the Government Communication Office’s (UKOM) inaction puts in jeopardy the social security of some 100 STA staff and contributors, and their families.

STA staff write to parliamentary speaker over funding

Ljubljana – The STA’s staff urged Speaker Igor Zorčič on Tuesday to ensure the resolutions adopted by the parliamentary Culture Committee about STA funding be honoured. The committee called on the government twice to meet its legal obligations and pay its overdue bills for the STA’s services, as well as to provide the agency’s stable financing.

Govt legal office says STA independent also from government

The Government Office for Legislation has issued an opinion on the suspension of financing of the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) by the Government Communication Office, saying this could only be the ultimate penalty, as a stoppage of public service would be unlawful. It also says the law secures the STA independence, also from the government.

STA supervisory board finds no legal basis for financing suspension

The STA supervisory board has called on the government to take necessary steps to resume regular financing of the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) for the public service it performs after concluding, based on a legal opinion commissioned by the STA management, that the Government Communication Office has no legal basis to arbitrarily suspend financing.

Slovenia Govt Condemned for Cutting Funds to Public News Agency

The Slovene Journalists' Association, DNS, said on Tuesday it was "appalled" by the government decision to stop funding the Slovenian Press Agency, STA, the independent public news agency, allegedly because it did not file the requested documentation to the Government Communications Office, UKOM.

UKOM suspends financing of STA, which says its work is undermined

Ljubljana – The Government Communication Office (UKOM) has informed the government that it is not able to implement the contract with the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) for 2020 and to conclude a contract for 2021. The STA has not received its monthly compensation for October from UKOM, which its leadership says threatens the agency’s future work.