Stadiou Street

Filming in central Athens to disrupt traffic on Sunday

Greek police on Thursday announced it will temporarily shut off some streets in central Athens on Sunday (March 10) due to a movie filming in the area.
Residents will not be allowed to stop, park or drive through Syntagma square, Vasileos Georgiou avenue for its full length, and Stadiou street in the section between Amerikis street and Syntagma square between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Student march ends in clashes

A hooded youth prepares to throw a petrol bomb during clashes with riot police in central Athens as high school pupils protested a draft bill changing university entrance requirements. The march turned violent when it reached Syntagma Square outside Parliament.

Athens Biennale ANTI | Athens | October 26 - December 9

The theme of the 6th Athens Biennale is "ANTI," and this edition of the event features works by around 100 Greek and foreign artists in which they offer a distinct, idiosyncratic and uneasy screenshot of our political, social and cultural momentum. This time around, the venues of the Biennale are in the vicinity of the Old Parliament near Syntagma Square.

Syntagma, summer 2011: Tear gas and distrust of the media

I can't forget the day in 2011 riot police fired 1,000 rounds of CS gas into Syntagma. I started at the top of the square, where the nationalists told me to get lost because I was "Zionist Media." When I asked, "Don't you want me to tell your story?" they replied, "It's too late for that." And it was only June 2011.