Stanko Subotić

Businessman Subotic acquitted in cigarette smuggling case

Businessman Stanko Subotic and his associates have been acquitted in a case where they stood accused of smuggling cigarettes and damaging the state budget.

The Appellate Court in Belgrade published the final verdict on its website, acquitted Subotic and others in part for lack of evidence, and because some of the accusations fell under the absolute statute of limitation.

Prosecutor's Office demands 8 years of prison for Subotic

BELGRADE - The Prosecutor's Office for Organised Crime suggested to the Belgrade Special Court on Thursday that businessmen Stanko Subotic should be sentenced to eight years of imprisonment for organising cigarette smuggling actions in Serbia during the '90s, while the proposed sentence for his associates entails two to six years of imprisonment.

Ex-president denies he "worked against Montenegro"

Ex-president denies he "worked against Montenegro"

PODGORICA -- Boris Tadić denied accusations made by Montenegrin officials that was "working against the interests of Montenegro" while serving as Serbian president.

The leader of the newly-formed New Democratic Party (NDS) also denied that he tried to "disqualify" Montenegro in the international community.