Staple foods

Wandering wheat

Back in the 1960's, Jack Harlan, a devoted American agronomist harvested wild wheat in southeastern Turkey as if a gatherer would do 10,000 years ago. He first tried using only his hands; hand-stripping the mature wheat ears, then he tried using a replica of an ancient sickle, a razor-sharp flint blade embedded in a wooden handle.

Good Grain Harvest Expected by Ministry of Agriculture

At the unveiling of the harvesting campaign in the town of Karnobat, Southeastern Bulgaria, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Atanas Dobrev foresaw good grain harvest for this year, BNR writes.

Over 5 million tons of wheat grain are expected to be gathered and those will be enough for providing the country's grain balance.

Staple food prices rise 7 percent in August, says UN's FAO

Staple food prices rose 7 percent in August in comparison to the previous year on the back of a rise in commodities other than grains, the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Sept. 8. 

Staple food prices rose in August even as grain prices fell, and the outlook for global cereal production improved, the FAO said in a statement. 

Greeks brace for price increases

Life will get even more expensive for Greeks as of next month following the government's decision to raise a number of taxes, such as the value-added tax on most commodities and the special consumption tax on fuel, tobacco and coffee, as well as hikes on landlines, Internet and pay-TV.

Food forecast 2016

If you're familiar with Turkish coffee cup fortune telling, you must already be familiar with that widely heard phrase: "You'll receive good news within three units of time!" Those three units of time are hard to interpret; it can be as soon as three hours, but more likely three days or three weeks. If your fate is a slowly-moving process, it might take three years for the miracle to happen.

Turkey sees record high wheat production levels but keeps importing due to low quality

Turkey's wheat production hit a record high of 23 million tons this year after a drought year. Despite a dramatic rise in output, the country has kept importing wheat as the locally produced wheat is of low quality due to unproductive seeds. The productivity level can be increased through certified seeds, according to sector players. 

Shine of the sun

Peru was like my promised land. I never had a chance to visit the country, but Peruvian culture has always been close to my heart. Since my high school years, it was on my top destination list, maybe just because of a dreamy picture of Machu Picchu. When I was studying conservation in Rome, my course coordinator was from Peru and the best cook in our international group was a friend from Peru.