Staple foods

Polenta pudding, cakes with nuts - Easter Lent yummy courses

A noodle, potato soup or a polenta pudding could be among the dishes the housewives may put on the Lent days' table. If we add here a cake with nuts, the menu would be complete, healthy and tasty.

Photo credit: (c) Maria MITRICA / AGERPRES ARCHIVE

Sister Lucia of Timisoara unveils the secrets of tailoring these less sophisticated, yet delicious meals.

New salt regulation comes into effect on tomato paste, olives

New regulations decreasing the amount of salt in tomato paste and edible olives and forbidding the addition of extra sugar to fruit juices have entered into force with the start of the new year.

The Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry said in a statement that efforts to protect the health of the consumers continued non-stop and that the new regulation was part of these efforts.

Bulgaria to Export over 2 M Tonnes of Wheat in 2014

Bulgaria to export over 2 million tonnes of wheat in 2014, despite the lower yields compared to 2013, according to Ignat Angelov, Chair of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives "Danube 2000."

In a Sunday interview for Radio Focus - Veliko Tarnovo, Angelov argued that the decrease by 10-15% in the yield in the 2013-2014 agricultural year would not have a negative impact on exports.