Stara Zagora Province

Bulgaria: An Agricultural Plane crashed in the Radnevo region, the Pilot didn’t make it

An agricultural plane crashed in the Radnevo region this morning. The pilot passed away.

The incident took place this morning in the area between the Radnevo villages of Zemlen and Trunkovo, reported the police in Stara Zagora. The signal was received around 6:30 a.m. by the son of the deceased.

Devastating Storm in the Bulgarian Province of Stara Zagora: Villages are Still without Electricity

Several settlements in the Opan municipality of Stara Zagora have been without electricity for hours because of a severe storm yesterday afternoon. The village of Kravino was the most affected after the disaster.

Foreigners with Positions in Bulgaria’s “Arsenal” Weapons Factory Left in Custody

After nearly four hours of trial, the Stara Zagora District Court remanded in custody the three foreign nationals detained in Kazanlak, Nova TV reported. They are accused of taking samples and documents from the Kazanlak weapons factory "Arsenal".

Bulgaria: 2.5 Million People Registered in Online Census

Only a third of Bulgarians have joined the census online. This option ended yesterday, with 2,403,458 people taking part, the chairman of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) Sergei Tsvetarski told BNT.   According to him, the number of those counted online is far below expectations.   Currently, another 2 million people are counted as interviewers.

Maya Manolova: Borissov Costs Bulgaria BGN 1 Billion Due to Delayed Vaccination

In the remaining 10 weeks, until the change of government, Borissov will cost 1 billion euros. management decision not to purchase EUR 3 million. covid-19 vaccines. According to economists, Bulgaria's economy is currently losing 100 million euros every week due to vaccination delay.

No Environmental Pollution Recorded after the Fire at Maritsa Iztok 2 TPP

No environmental pollution has been recorded after the fire at Maritsa Iztok 2 thermal power plant, Regional Governor of Stara Zagora Gergana Mikova told the Bulgarian National Television. "There is no danger to the workers at the TPP or the people living nearby.