Η Ζαχαρούλα Κληματσάκη επιστρέφει στο «Μουσικό Κουτί» για μία μοναδική μουσική βραδιά

Την Κυριακή 21 Νοεμβρίου - Καλεσμένος ο Στάθης Δρογώσης

Athens Concert Hall Podcasts | Ongoing

The Athens Concert Hall has gone digital, launching a series of podcasts featuring fascinating discussions on music with the likes of acclaimed pianist Janis Vakarelis, widely cited physicist Dimitris Nanopoulos and award-winning pianist Alexandra Papastefanou, though non-Greek speakers will probably find more joy in its concerts.

Historians Mazower, Kalyvas among luminaries to join 'Greece 2021' committee

Historians Mark Mazower and Stathis Kalyvas are among several eminent academics who will join a committee that will oversee preparations to mark the bicentenary of the 19th-century revolt against Ottoman Turkey that led to the creation of the modern Greek state, it emerged on Wednesday.

Timon of Athens | Athens | Through March

The Greek National Theater presents "Timon of Athens," a play written by William Shakespeare in 1605-1606 with Thomas Middleton, describing the decline into hate of a generous man who is abandoned by his circle of flatterers and hangers-on when he finds himself broke. The production is directed by Stathis Livathinos and stars Vassilis Andreou in the title role.

Funeral of loved actor Stathis Psaltis (videos-photos)

Close family, relatives, friends, artists, fans and ordinary Greeks bid their final farewell to popular actor Stathis Psaltis on Monday at the Zografou cemetery where he was buried. The funeral expenses were covered by the council of Zografou in honour of the beloved actor’s long standing contribution to movies and theatre.

Actor Stathis Psaltis, 66, dies

Stathis Psaltis, an iconic actor and entertainer who rose to stardom in 1980s, died Friday in the Aghios Savas hospital in Athens. He was 66.

Psaltis was hospitalized on March 14 suffering from lung cancer. His comedic roles in Greek movies made him a household name, while he also played in countless theater plays and revues. 

Actor Stathis Psaltis dies at 66

Greek actor Stathis Psaltis has died at the age of 66 after battling with cancer for a many months. The actor, who was being treated at the intensive care unit of the Saint Savvas hospital in Athens died at 2.25pm, Friday, after the cancer had metastasised from his lungs to other vital organs and doctors were unable to stop its spread.

Weill & Eisler | Athens | September 23

The Athens State Orchestra will be performing works by Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler in the gardens of the Athens Concert Hall on Friday, September 23. Soprano Maira Milolidaki, vocalist Thodoris Voutsikakis and pianist Titos Gouvelis will accompany the ensemble, which is led by Stathis Soulis. The concert starts at 8.30 p.m.