Station wagons

Trade union, workers curious about Fiat's future in Serbia

As the Fiat Chrysler Group, like other large carmakers, does not have cars in stock but aligns the manufacturing process with the orders coming from dealerships - so the Kragujevac-based factory had 105 working days this year through the last weekend, producing over 43,000 vehicles of all versions of the Fiat 500L model.

5-year-old Child Suffered in a School Bus Accident in Smolyan

A 5-year-old child was injured in a crash between a school bus and a car in the Ravnishta village in the Madan area. The incident happened yesterday at around 12.50 when a Volkswagen Polo car hit the bus. According to initial police data, behind the wheel of the car was a 33-year-old man who was moving at an inappropriate speed to the road conditions.

Belgian Received a Fine for Driving at 696 km / h

A Belgian citizen was very surprised when he received a fine ticket for driving at a speed of 696-kilometer per hour with his Opel Astra, the French press reported.

The man who is about 30 years old blew his eyes several times, when he saw the speed-score sheet, detected by police radar in Kyivren municipality, near the border with France, said the French newspaper "Voe du Nor".