Damascus blacksmiths had made steel blades with carbon nanotubes long before they were scientifically discovered

This is one of those stories about a technology invented and then forgotten. For example, when the Romans invented concrete and then another civilization reinvented it thousand years later. Well, it turns out that the skilled Damascus blacksmiths had produced blades containing carbon nanotubes at least 400 years before modern science began to understand their strength.

Iron Age artifacts found in Pamukkale

During the construction of an information center in the ancient city of Hierapolis, situated in the province of western Denizli's Pamukkale district, 11 furnaces and pots from the 7th century B.C. have been discovered. 

Denizli Museum Director Hasan Hüseyin Baysal said the artifacts, which were found one meter deep, dated back to the Iron Age. 

Smederevo Steel Plant to begin operating in late June

BELGRADE - The Smederevo Steel Plant will begin operating on June 29 when one of the two furnaces will be restored, Radio Television of Serbia reported.

Due to the lack of raw materials, one furnace in the Smederevo Steel Plant has not been operating for years now, while the other has been working with reduced capacities as of May 2.

Steel mill to halt production over Ukraine supplies

Steel mill to halt production over Ukraine supplies

SMEDEREVO -- The Smederevo steel mill Železara is set to suspend production for a minimum of three weeks over problems with deliveries of raw materials from Ukraine.

However, it will use the halt to carry out scheduled overhauls, the company's financial director, Bojan Bojković told Tanjug on Friday.