Bulgarian Police Seizes 76 kg of Cocaine Hidden Among Fruits

Bulgarian law enforcement officers in the port city of Burgas seized nearly 76 kg of cocaine hidden among fruits coming from Ecuador via Italy, authorities said, Trend reports citing Xinhua.

The illicit drug was found in a warehouse, packed in four boxes, the Ministry of Interior and national Prosecutor's Office said in a joint statement.

Captagon pill haul hailed as the biggest in the world

Financial crimes investigators in the port of Piraeus on Thursday completed a count of a haul of drugs seized at a container terminal last week, saying it consists of more than 33 million counterfeit Captagon pills, containing the powerful psychostimulant fenethylline.

The haul is the biggest of its kind worldwide and has an estimated street value of 500 million dollars.

Piraeus counterfeit Captagon amphetamine haul in the millions

Financial crimes investigators in the port city of Piraeus had almost completed the count of a haul of counterfeit drugs seized from a container terminal on Tuesday morning, saying it consists of an estimated 23 million pills of the drug fenetylline, stamped to look like the Captagon brand.

Millions of Captagon pills seized in Piraeus

Greek authorities seized a huge number Captagon pills from a freighter at Piraeus port on Wednesday, which may prove to be the largest haul ever achieved in the country.
The drugs were stashed inside 60 pallets loaded with lumber products found in three containers. Officials have so far counted 1.4 million pills in just one of the pallets. Counting is expected to take a few days.