Stock market crashes

What Fitch and BofA see for the Greek economy – Prospects and risks

International and domestic analysts see positive signs for the course of the Greek economy in 2021, but also in 2022, guided by both the resilience of GDP in the previous quarters, the best of the expected tourism July - August and of course the disbursements of the Recovery Fund.

EU Commission upgrades Slovenia’s GDP growth forecast to 5.7%

Brussels – The European Commission projects that Slovenia’s economy will expand by 5.7% this year, a 0.8-point increase on its May forecast. The outlook for 2020 was slightly downgraded to 5%. The eurozone as a whole is expected to post growth rates of 4.8% and 4.5%, respectively.

Strong demand for Austria, Greece, Slovenia bond sales

Bond sales for Austria, Greece and Slovenia won strong demand on Wednesday, joining larger peers who issued debt via syndication earlier in the month.

Austria received 32 billion euros of investor orders, eight times the 4 billion euros it will raise, and Greece received 28 billion euros of orders for new 10-year bonds.