Weather in Bulgaria: The Heat Continues, over 40 degrees on July 30

The atmospheric pressure will slowly decrease and will be slightly lower than the average for July. Today it will be sunny and hot again. In the afternoon, cumulus clouds will develop, but only in isolated places, mainly in the mountainous areas, it will rain and thunder for a short time. The wind will be light, in the eastern regions to moderate northeast wind.

ANM: Unstable weather alerts in most of the country, until Wednesday evening

On Tuesday, the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) issued new Code Yellow and Code Orange alerts of heavy rains, as well as an information of atmospheric instability, to gradually hit the entire country, until Wednesday evening. According to meteorologists, between July 20, 10 am and July 21, 3 am, a Code Yellow of bad weather will be in force in most parts of the country.

A cyclone from Germany has reached Serbia, threatening a similar catastrophe? VIDEO

Until this moment, an emergency situation has been declared only in Petrovac na Mlavi.
For now, we can say that we have done well, because the storm coming to us from Germany and that part of Europe, affected by the floods, has weakened quite a bit.

Scorching heat, thunderstorms to grip most of Romania for two days

The National Weather Administration (ANM) issued on Monday new Code Yellow and Code Orange warnings of unstable weather, including scorching heat spells, valid in most of Romania. According to the forecast, a Code Yellow warning of heightened heat and thermal discomfort in Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobrogea and southern Moldavia will be in place today.

Urgent warnings issued - heavy rain, thunder, hail PHOTO

According to the RHMZ website, rain and thunderstorms are threatening in some parts of our country.
In the next hour, in the area of Ub-Obrenovac, Sjenica and on the stretch from Pristina to Kursumlija, heavy showers, thunderstorms, local occurrence of the hail and short-term strong wind were announced.

RHMZ issued an emergency warning; in Nis, hail the size of a walnut falls VIDEO

RHMZ previously warned of heavy rain, thunder and hail.
According to the website, clouds with heavy showers, thunder, hail and strong wind will move towards Pirot.
In the coming hours, occasional rain or thunder showers are expected in the east and southeast of the country, along with the local development of clouds.