Heavy rain, hail hit Istanbul’s Asian side

Heavy rain and hail hit some districts of Istanbul's Asian side, particularly Çekmeköy and Sultanbeyli.

Residents of those affected areas covered their vehicles with carpets and blankets to protect them from the hailstones.

Motorists in Çekmeköy had to take cover under a bridge to wait for the heavy rain and hail which lasted for some one hour with intervals.

Weather Today in Bulgaria

Thursday before noon will be partly sunny. In the afternoon, cumulus and rainy clouds will develop and in many places in the western half of the country there will be short-term, temporarily intense rainfall.

 In Northwestern Bulgaria there will be thunderstorms and hail conditions. A light wind will blow from the south-southwest, before noon in Eastern Bulgaria - from the southeast.

Unstable weather expected in six counties through Thursday morning; rain showers through Friday

The National Weather Administration (ANM) has issued a Code Yellow warning for unstable weather valid through Thursday morning in six western counties. According to meteorologists, May 12, 16:00hrs - May 13, 10:00hrs, in Banat, Crisana, as well as the southwest of Oltenia, there will be spells unstable weather in the form thunderstorms, hail and torrential rain showers.

Expert warns of dust clouds heading from Europe

Dust clouds blowing from Europe will cover Turkey's sky until the next week, a Turkish academic has said.

An Istanbul-based meteorologist, Hüseyin Toros, told state-run Anadolu Agency that desert dust storms that hit Europe and have been active throughout the week are now heading toward Turkey starting from today.

Warm weather to give way to snow on weekend, as cold front descends upon Greece

Very low temperatures are expected throughout Greece starting on Saturday and will continue until at least the middle of next week due to the arrival of a cold front dubbed Medea, the National Observatory of Athens weather service,, forecast on Thursday.

Weather in Bulgaria: Winter Comes Back with Vengeance

The weather will change sharply today.

Already in the coming hours, the northwestern wind will sweep in cold air, first in the western regions

Rainfalls will begin in the afternoon in the entire country. As temperatures drop, rain will turn into snow, but from the west to east rain will stop and snow cover will form only in the eastern and northeastern regions.