The Weather Today: Precipitations are Expected

Today the clouds will be significant. Before noon it will rain in some places. There will be short-term precipitation and thunderstorms in many areas in the afternoon and evening. A light to moderate northwest wind will blow. It will remain cool for the end of May, with maximum temperatures between 15° and 20°, according to the NIMH forecast. 

Hail, snow fall over mainland

A wet front swept across much of the country on Wednesday, bringing heavy rainfall and thunderstorms to many parts including Volos and much of Magnesia.
Volos was particularly hard hit with three hours of torrential rain in the morning that flooded streets and squares.

Bulgaria: Cool With Maximum Temperatures Between 16° and 21°

Today, before noon, clouds will develop again and in many places there will be short-term precipitation with thunder, especially in the afternoon and before midnight. There will be conditions for hail. A light north-northwest wind will blow. It will be cool with maximum temperatures between 16 ° and 21 °, in Sofia around 16 °.

Daily Temperatures Will Drop, Short-Term Precipitations and Thunderstorms Are Expected

Sunny weather will prevail today. Cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds will develop, more significant in the afternoon. In many places there will be short-term rain and thunderstorms. There will be conditions for hail. In the afternoon from the northwest the precipitation will begin to stop and the clouds will break and decrease.

The Weather Today: Cloudy With a Chance of Rain and Hail

Until noon there will be temporary breaks in the clouds and more sun. Around noon and in the afternoon over the western half of the country will develop cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds and in many places, mainly in the northwestern and mountainous regions, there will be short-term rainfall with thunder. There are conditions for hail.

Bulgaria Weather Forecast, May 19: More Clouds - There is a Chance of Rain

Today  the clouds over the country will be significant. In the afternoon, over the mountainous and northwestern regions, cumulonimbus clouds will develop and in some places it will rain and thunder. A light southeast wind will blow. The maximum temperatures will be between 25 and 30 degrees, lower on the Black Sea coast, according to the NIMH forecast.