Workplace stress levels in Slovenia among highest in Europe

Ljubljana – Slovenia is among the European countries with the highest levels of stress at work. This is also one of the main reasons for missing work and short-time working, accounting for 50-60% of all lost working days, according to the career and employment portal

Married couples coming to therapy on rise in pandemic: Expert

As the world just got through a Feb. 14 Valentine's Day under the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, Anadolu Agency spoke with a family therapist in Turkey about how the pandemic has affected both married and unmarried couples psychologically.

Therapist Güneş Küçük said that the pandemic impacted married and unmarried couples from different angles and at different levels.

Study: Depression, Stress Could Dampen Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccines

Decades of research show that depression, stress, loneliness, and poor health behaviours can weaken the body's immune system and lower the effectiveness of certain vaccines. A new report suggests that the same may be true for the new COVID-19 vaccines that are in development and the early stages of global distribution.

Post-quarantine support line for domestic violence being set up

A helpline that aims to help prevent and deal with violence within the family in the post-quarantine period is being jointly set up by the SOS Children's Villages social center and the City of Athens.

According to the center's director Giorgos Protopapas, "all this pressure that people are under will show in due course."

A new shock to the economy – Covid-19

There's no beating around the bush, we are all stunned by what has happened in a very short time: An invisible pathogen has entered every country of the world and affected normal life as we know it, caused governments to shift to a war footing, and brought economic activity to a halt (for example cruise tourism) or at least caused it to slow down abruptly (the rest of the economy).

Data on the Burnout Syndrome Will Be Presented in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce will present data on  the "occupational burnout" syndrome and on the state of health of employees, their motivation, efficiency and achievements in the workplace in Bulgaria.

Experts will look for possible Burnout Syndrome solutions that will lead to higher business growth.

Maja Gojkovic transferred to Clinical Center of Serbia

Gojkovic was transferred to the Clinical Center on Monday to hospital treatment.
She got sick on Sunday, when she was admitted to the Emergency Center in Novi Sad. The doctors detected that the reason for her poor condition was high blood sugar, which was the reason to send her to do further clinical tests in Belgrade.