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Turkey sees clock tower boom

Clock tower projects planned to be built in city centers are booming in towns and cities across Turkey.

Municipality projects for the construction of clock towers have gained momentum over the last six months, with hundreds of municipalities across the country initiating tenders for clock towers of various shapes and sizes.

Residential and commercial building collapses in East Village New York

The explosion and collapse were reported at around 3:20 p.m. at 7th Street and Second Avenue Thursday afternoon at a residential and commercial building.

According to the Fire Department multiple injuries have been reported and two people were rushed to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition.

People, firms coming forward to help get historic bridge back up

A growing number of people and firms are offering the government assistance in the project to rebuild the historic Plaka Bridge in northeastern Greece, which collapsed over the weekend.

Gefyra SA, the company that built and manages the Rio-Antirio Bridge, said on Wednesday that it is willing to provide technical expertise and funding for the bridge?s reconstruction.

Body found in under-construction apartment block in Thessaloniki

A decomposing body was found on Tuesday in the basement of an apartment block under construction in Thessaloniki.

A passer-by noticed the body and notified authorities, who had to pump water out of the basement in order to recover the corpse.

Police have ruled out the possibility of foul play.

Istanbul’s skyline rising higher amid criticism

Istanbul has become the second “highest” city in Europe with 107 skyscrapers, despite the current government’s repeated vows to create “horizontal cities.”

Istanbul is ranked 22nd in the world for the total height of its skyline, according to Hamburg-based real estate data mining company Emporis. The list is topped by Hong Kong, New York and Singapore.

London's famed 'Gherkin' on sale for $1.1 billion

London's landmark "Gherkin" office tower, one of the landmarks on the British capital's skyline, went on sale for about 650 million ($1.1 billion, 820 million euros) on Tuesday after being placed into receivership.
Property firms Savills and Deloitte Real Estate were jointly instructed to sell the 41-storey block in the city's financial district.

Bulgarian Army Spent BGN 1 M for Fence at Border with Turkey

So far the Bulgarian army has spent BGN 1 M on the construction of the 30-km fence at the border with Turkey, reports the Trud daily. 

One third of the sum has been spent on petrol and diesel, according to the reports, presented by Defence Minister Angel Naidenov. 

According to him, so far have been completed 9 km of the fence.