Subdivisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia to Detain Srebrenica Defendant for Flouting Media Ban

The Bosnian state court on Monday ordered Milomir Savcic, the wartime commander of the 65th Protective Motorised Regiment of the Bosnian Serb Army's Main Headquarters, to be remanded in custody for breaching a court order prohibiting him from speaking publicly about issues related to the charges against him, his lawyer told BIRN.

The Cruelty of Srebrenica Shocked Us, Forensic Investigator Recalls

Scottish forensic technician Robert McNeil arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1996, shortly after the discovery of the first mass graves of victims of the Srebrenica massacres.

The war had ended not long beforehand, and McNeil recalled how he could sense the smell of conflict and the scale of the suffering around him.

19 Genocide Victims to be Buried on Srebrenica Anniversary

The Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina told BIRN that 19 people's remains will be laid to rest in a ceremony at the cemetery at the Srebrenica Memorial Centre on July 11.

Missing Persons Institute spokesperson Emza Fazlic said that the youngest victim to be buried this year will be Azmir Osmanovic, who was killed at the age of 16.

Netherlands Begins Compensation Process for Srebrenica Victims’ Families

The Netherlands Compensation Commission Potocari opened the doors of its Sarajevo office to potential compensation claimants on Tuesday and its website is also open for applications from relatives of people who were killed after being taken from Dutch UN peacekeeping troops' base in Potocari near Srebrenica in July 1995.

Montenegrin Minister Criticised for Srebrenica Genocide Denial

Montenegro's Minister of Justice, Human and Minority Rights Vladimir Leposavic. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro.

"The embassy is concerned with comments casting doubt about what occurred in Srebrenica in 1995. We look for clarity and hope the government will unequivocally condemn the massacre and call it what it was - genocide," the US embassy said in a post on Twitter.

Srebrenica Victims’ Families Told to Seek Damages from Netherlands

Defence Minister Ank Bijleveld-Schouten told the Dutch parliament that relatives of a group of Srebrenica victims who were killed in July 1995 can submit requests for compensation from the start of March next year, after a Dutch court ruled that the state has partial responsibility for several hundred deaths.