Subdivisions of Greece

Lockdown if necessary in some of Greece’s most popular islands

A number of Greece's most popular islands will be confronted with a local lockdown where there has been over the last two weeks a continual steep rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases Some experts have projected a possible 10,000 cases a day by mid-August.

That is over three times the number of cases in the last 24 hours (2,691) announced today by the National Public Health Organisation.

Patmos is one of the top religious destinations for Dutch travelers

There are many reports from Dutch media about Greek destinations that are attractive to visit this year. During this period, the list of the five proposed destinations in Greece for religious tourism stand out, according to, the "tourist source" of the Netherlands exclusively for travel to Greece.

Τourism trending upward on Corfu

The course of tourism in Corfu is on the rise since the beginning of the tourist season, with over 45 daily flights from Europe, while the occupancy of the five-star and six-star hotels now reaches 60% -70%. At the same time more than 200 cruise ships are expected to reach the port of the island.