Subdivisions of Greece

Complaints filed over pushback claims at Evros border

The Greek Council for Refugees has filed a complaint with the Supreme Court in Athens over claims of violent pushbacks at the northeastern Evros border with Turkey.

In an announcement on Wednesday, the GCR said that its complaint includes a file of evidence supporting the claims of several migrants and asylum seekers who said they were forced back over the border into Turkey.

Stormy weather causes traffic woes in Athens

Torrential rainfall and hailstorms caused problems in several parts of Attica on Tuesday with flooding slowing traffic to a crawl on many roads. Stormy weather caused problems in other areas of the country too. A 37-year-old farmer died in Corinthia in the Peloponnese after being struck by lightning, local news reports said.

French interns train in Greece

"My springtime internship on Syros was a wonderful experience," said Emma Di Gregory, an 18-year-old student at the Maison Familiale Rurale (MFR) training institute at St-Etienne in France, after completing a three-week internship program at a French-language primary school in the capital of the Cyclades.

Housemaid arrested for jewelry theft

A housemaid has been accused of stealing jewelry worth 20,000 euros from the home of a 83-year-old woman in Serres, northern Greece, where she was employed.
The 52-year-old maid was arrested on Tuesday when police found the stolen jewelry during a search of her home which was conducted after the 83-year-old filed a complaint.